Monterey Chicken

 am, before anything else, a tinkerer.  I find a recipe that looks delicious and tweak it here and there until it matches my personal tastes perfectly. So a lot of my recipes start off as being based on stuff that I find on Pinterest.

Today’s post is no exception.  I found out the night before that I had to cook for dinner group, so I had to pick something that I happened to have the ingredients for on hand.  So I picked Monterey Chicken.  I’d found a recipe on Pinterest months ago that looked highly appetizing, but I wanted to tweak just a little. This was the perfect opportunity.

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Salted Caramel Butter Bars

This is one of those recipes that I've been seeing literally every where on the internet lately. Clogging up my Facebook feed, clogging my Pinterest feed running in my head whenever I closed my eyes. You know, just normal viral presence sort of stuff.

Most of the time I'm making treats for a large group of people, so the typical 9x13 baking pan bar recipes that have been floating around everywhere just weren't going to cut it. On top of that, the traditional recipes called for a lot of butter and powdered sugar. So much so that I was worried that the recipe would be too dense and rich for my taste.

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