Why are you doing this?

1)      Because it’s a good way to justify the unseemly amount of cooking and baking that I do.

2)      Because it can be challenging to cook good food that isn’t stir fry or eggs for 1-2 people. Lots of recipes that are floating around these days are for large families. With work, socializing, the gym, etc. it can be hard to find time to cook something. I’ve had many roommates who’ve just resorted to fast food or top ramen because it’s cheap and filling.

3)      To relieve stress.  I’m a busy guy, and cooking helps me reduce stress; having a website like this will force me to cook regularly.

4)      To help me with my diet.  Food is a social thing for me, when my friends go out to eat, I go with them and I inevitably end up buying foods that I shouldn’t. I’m trying to get in better shape, and already having food to cook will help me make sure that I’m eating well and not falling into a fast food trap.

Why are your recipes any better than someone else’s?

Because a lot of mine are made after I’ve tried 4-5 different variations of the same recipe off a lot of different cooking blogs.  Once I’ve tried all of theirs, I incorporate elements I like, and add new ones. It’s the best of all worlds with a uniquely Ryan twist.

But honestly, there are a lot of great cooking blogs out there with lots of recipes that I love. You’ll see me link to a lot of them in my posts as my inspiration or as the place that has the best version of something I’ve ever had. 

My recipes are typically geared towards how quick they are to make and towards being able to be made for 1-2 people so you don’t have to eat the same thing five days in a row because of leftovers.

Are you a trained chef?

No, I’m self-taught/taught by my mother. I’m sure there are lots of things that I do wrong or unprofessionally, but this is my hobby. I love it and I’m darn good at it.

Will you be sharing your top secret chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

No. I've but too much effort into that to give that away willy-nilly. If you want good chocolate chip cookies, I'd recommend one of these two recipes:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These are two of the recipes that inspired me on my quest for the perfect cookie; both of them are written by one of my favorite food bloggers.